DS Insight imaging offers a cutting edge imaging service that can assess the chemical and structural strength of any pipeline materials. This information is crucial for determine the remaining strength of pipe walls. An example (Right) is a coupon sample with the density heat mapped to identify deteriorated section. DS Insight imaging offers SEM/EDAX were the chemical composition can be assessed to determine causes of corrosion. This can be applied any size pipe and material. 

What is DS 3D NDT imaging

DS Insight imaging offers a 3D non destructive imaging for any material sample and size. With the information generated a 3D density heat map can be developed to determine the structural condition of the pipeline material.

How does it work

A sample is collected in a DS Insight imagine container, the sample is then imaged to a resolution of 0.1mm slices and with the option of 0.03mm.  The sample images are then processed into a 3D model where each slice can be individually analysed within any location in the sample


The benefits from the 3D non destructive imaging is the ability to analyse the remaining wall thickness, the remaining strength of the pipe wall, and the condition of the remaining wall. Samples can be easily obtained when new connection are tapped into water mains. Though whole pipelines can also be imaged. Currently one of the most highest resolution methods to analyse any pipeline material.

What does it deliver

We can deliver a full comprehensive analysis of any pipeline sample. From this analysis you will be able to determine the pipeline remaining wall strength along with the condition of the remaining wall.

Asbestos cement density mapping