Internet of Things (IoT) | Cloud | Smart water

DS Insight provides a real time cloud network (IoT) to monitor environmental data. Monitoring real time data can provide clear insights into environmental patterns and provides users the ability to collect more data with less effort. DS Insight can be used to monitor water quality for corrosion rates, aquatic health, industrial waste, gas discharge, plant health, soil conditions, air quality, and much more.

DS Insight cloud sensors (IoT) can communicate via wifi, 3G (Telstra network), or satellite (Iridium network). DS Insight cloud sensors offer the widest range of coverage of any environmental sensors available allowing you to collect data from the most remote locations.

DS Insight cloud sensors (IoT) can be powered via mains power, batteries, or solar. The sensors can also be places into deep sleep cycles to ensure a long battery life. Samples rates and sensors will have the biggest impact on battery life.  

Real time data from the Adelaide office test bed


Location: Adelaide office test bed
Sensors: pH, dissolved oxygen, ORP
Environment: Water
Communication: Wifi
Power: Battery/Solar 9W


DS Insight field sensor’s data can be converted into analytical data maps. Below is a heat map of DO (DO saturation levels heat mapped accordingly).The analytical data maps can be exported into a GIS layer for operators to include. This is a great example of a low cost but powerful approach to collecting data within the field.